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In all of the department's degree programmes, you will learn how basic knowledge of physics and physics research helps to meet the socially relevant challenges of our time. Physics is the basis for understanding so many processes in our daily lives and the foundation of modern technologies. Physics provides answers to questions about the smallest and largest systems in nature, from elementary particles to the cosmos. Physics is a key discipline with close links to chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering, as well as mathematics and computer science.

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What keeps the world together inside

In the course of a physics degree, you learn numerous methods that allow you to deal with the fundamentals of our world and its modern applications.

Physicists work on unified theories that help explain a variety of phenomena and drive technological developments. Social skills, as well as organisational and teamwork skills, are also promoted, as the teaching of social skills is an integral part of the curriculum.

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StudiReporter Physik

Studying physics at the TU Darmstadt? A good idea: The StudiReporter provides insights into the Bachelor's degree programme – and students themselves describe their experiences.

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Assess yourself

Find out online if studying physics is right for you. The assessment (in German) is divided into the topics expectations, subject tasks and learning behavior. Participation is anonymous and takes about 30-40 minutes.

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Fit in maths?

Maths knowledge is an advantage for a successful start to your studies. With the online course OMB+ you can optimally prepare yourself for the mathematics requirements in the first semester of B.Sc. physics.

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