to the information pages for prospective students of the Physics Department at Darmstadt University of Technology. Interested in studying physics? Learn more about physics and test yourself freely and without obligation at the Online Self Assessment Physics.

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Saturday Morning Physics

Our successful public relations activities include the annual lecture series Saturday Morning Physics. Saturday Morning Physics gives interested high school students the opportunity to learn about current issues in modern physics and to gain an insight into the research activities of the department.

“Study” is derived from the Latin word “studere”, which means “to strive for something, to make an effort”.

To enable you to complete your studies without major delays, the following pages contain all the important information on the various courses of study offered by the Department of Physics (Bachelor, Master, Lehramt). In particular, on the pages of the study programs you will find the respective study regulations and plans as well as interesting facts about the internships.

StudiReporter Physics

Episode “Der Bachelor Studiengang”

Here you can get an insight into our Bachelor program.

When studying Physics proper knowledge in Mathematics have to be presupposed. To test your Math understanding we offer a free online support course to check your abilities. Feel free to join the OMB+.


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