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Office for student affairs

Coordination and assistance of exams, coordination of lectures and courses, administrative assistance regarding B.Sc.- M.Sc. and diploma-thesis

Office hours:

Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 4pm


  • Please use TUCaN to sign in for exams and course!
  • Ärztliches Attest
    In case you have to miss an exam due to illness you have to hand in a medical certificate in due course naming the reason Prüfungsunfähigkeit am <date>. Please note type of exam and name on the back of the certificate.
  • To find useful tips and help with TUCaN, please follow this link: TUCaN
  • All informations regarding your studies (e.g. matriculation, tuition fees, re-registration period, etc.) are shown here.

Extramural studies:
Since summer term 2013 it is possible to join all bachelor and master courses in part time.
Informations regarding extramural studies are shown at the link: Extramural studies

Further information:

A proper progress in your studies will be attested in case you achieved at least 75 % of the possible credit points (CP).