Mentoring Programme

A professorial mentoring programme has been established at the Department of Physics and all physics students can participate from the first semester onwards.

At the beginning of their studies – usually during the orientation week – students are assigned a professor and, if applicable, a research assistant as mentors. The mentors are to serve as contact persons for problems regarding the studies, especially during the first semesters. However, they are also open to discussions about physics studies in general and about science in particular. Students who have not participated in the OWO can register at the Office for Student Affairs and will subsequently be assigned a mentor.

Regular group meetings are offered by the mentors to exchange information about all aspects of your studies. In addition, the mentors are also available for individual discussions.

The mentor meetings thrive on regular exchange and participation. Students are actively asked to participate in order to get answers to their questions or those of their fellow students and to learn other important information.

What are the advantages from a student's point of view?

  • Contact professors and fellow students outside of classes
  • Another opportunity for students to receive advice and support
  • Opportunity to ask individual questions
  • Gain new insights and knowledge outside of courses