Athene Card and TU-ID

On arrival you will also receive the Athene Card, which is used for buying meals and food at the cafeteria (called “Mensa”), borrowing books from the university library, paying for printouts at the HRZ printers, (in the future) for travelling with busses and trains and as a student ID in general.

Make sure to receive this card!

Electronic TU-ID

Access to TUCaN and other resources on the university network (including Wireless LAN) is granted after identifying with your TU-ID, the personal identifying number. The TU-ID is assigned by the university's coumputing center HRZ (Hochschulrechenzentrum). Once you have been signed in, you will find your TU-ID in your admission documents. It consists of parts of your name and some numbers and has to be activated.

TU Darmstadt e-mail address

Vital part of your ID is a university-based email address (log in required). The administration as well as TUCaN uses this address to communicate with the students. It can be configured to relay messages to your private email address. You can use the TU-address to communicate with professors and other parts of university.