Theoretical Quantum Optics

Exploiting quantum optics for sensing and fundamental questions.

Lecture series „Was steckt dahinter?“

As part of the lecture series „Was steckt dahinter?“, Prof. Giese will give a lecture Materiewellen und Zeitdilitation: Eine quantenphysikalische Reise durch die Raumzeit.

Date: 05.07.22 at 5.15 pm
Location: S1/05 122 (Maschinenhaus)

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New Publication

F. Di Pumpo et al.: Light propagation and atom interferometry in gravity and dilaton fields

Maxwell's equations are modified by gravity, EEP violations, and dark matter but only the first effect implies phase shifts in light-pulse atom interferometers, whereas the latter two solely contribute via the coupling to an atom’s mass.

Physical Review D 105, 084065 (2022)

The Theoretical Quantum Optics group at the Institute of Applied Physics, TU Darmstadt, studies theoretically quantum properties of light, matter and their interaction. Our research focuses on quantum-mechanical tests of fundamental physics as well as the development of quantum technologies for sensing and metrology. High-precision measurements of gravity lead us to the interface of two fields, namely quantum mechanics and relativity, and sometimes even into space. Our interests range from quantum gases to atom optics, from nonlinear quantum-optical effects to atom interferometry, and from quantum metrology to inertial sensing. Although working on theoretical and fundamental physics, we make an effort to stay in touch with the experimental reality.

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Enno Giese leads the research group ''Theoretical Quantum Optics'' at the Institute for Applied Physics since 2021.

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