Department of Physics


Habilitation procedures are governed by the Habilitation Regulations (opens in new tab) of the Technische Universität Darmstadt of 29.06.2011 / General Regulations in the currently valid version.

The Department of Physics has not issued any special regulations in this regard.

To this end, a few mnemonic items:

Applicants must submit a written application for admission to habilitation with the title of the habilitation thesis to the Dean. It must be stated for which subject the habilitation is being sought. The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

  • Overview of life and educational background
  • certificates of passed academic and state examinations examinations
  • Documents on the scientific activity to date
  • List of scientific publications (if possible with specimen copies)
  • Habilitation thesis in six copies
  • Written declaration that the habilitation thesis has been written independently – apart from the help expressly mentioned in it
  • Written statement about previous failed habilitation procedures, if applicable with exact details
  • Proposal with three topics for the habilitation lecture (with abstract, both can also be submitted later)

After the positive decision on the acceptance of the habilitation thesis (§ 9, para. 1) and on the result of the entire habilitation performance following the habilitation lecture and the scientific discussion (§ 10, para. 6), four copies of the habilitation thesis are to be delivered to the University and State Library Darmstadt within three months. Thereafter, the department shall execute the habilitation by handing over the certificate by the dean. The handing over should take place on the occasion of the public lecture (inaugural lecture). This applies in particular if the award of the academic title “Privatdozent/in” is requested. Otherwise, the Dean may waive the inaugural lecture.