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Welcome to the Department of Physics at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Visit these pages to find all information about the department, our study programme and research activities our just find out who to contact at the department.

Map of the physics departement
Map of the physics departement

Research & Education

The Department of Physics in its present structure dates back to 1971. At that time the former Department of Mathematics an Physics (Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik) founded in 1934, was divided into three departments: mathematics, physics, and mechanics. The Department of Physics is built-up by three institutes dealing with Soft Matter Physics, Modern Optics and Nuclear- and Astrophysics. Each institute consists of several groups engaged in experimental and theoretical research.

The department of Physics does not remain static; instead, new areas of research are constantly integrated through the appointment of scientists who are leaders in their fields. Science is not confined to an ivory tower. The department has made major efforts to present an understanding of modern physics to the public. Members give talks, write publications, and offer lab courses or guided tours of their laboratories – particularly to high school students. In this context the very successful Saturday Morning Physics (SMP) course must be mentioned. In public lectures, demonstrations, and lab tours, the fundamental aspects of modern physics are presented at the high school level in Saturday morning sessions.

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Teaser OMB+

When studying Physics proper knowledge in Mathematics have to be presupposed.
To test your Math understanding we offer a free online course to check your abilities. Feel free to join the OMB+.

You want to study Physics? Test yourself in our Onlien Self Assessment!!
You want to study Physics? Test yourself in our Onlien Self Assessment!!