How to reach the Physics Departement

Arrival with Bus or Train

Weg vom Luisenplatz zur Hochschulstraße

Coming from Frankfurt Airport, it is easy to reach Darmstadt using a bus called Airliner. This service is part of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) and it is a ride of about half an hour. The bus leaves the airport at terminal 1, in front of arrival hall C.

The Airliner serves several stops in Darmstadt. The nearest stop to the TU Darmstadt is at the Congress Center Darmstadtium, next to the main building of the university. There you can find an information desk.

If you go by bus or train (Deutsche Bahn), the following is how to find your way to our departement:

  • In Darmstadt you get off the train at the main station (German: Hauptbahnhof) and leave the building by its main entrance.
  • Right in front there are stops for a couple of trams and busses which go to the city center:
    • Tram No. 3 heading to Lichtenbergschule
    • Bus F heading to Oberwaldhaus
    • Bus H heading to Alfred-Messel-Weg
  • You should get off at the big station Luisenplatz or maybe one stop later at Schloß (German for palace).
  • Leaving the palace to the right you are directly working towards the museum and you cross the street there.
  • You take the entry to the park called Herrengarten right between the museum and the archive (which is in the neo-classical building), in the park you turn right.
  • You leave the park through the gate at Hochschulstraße, now you are directly in front of the institute building S2|07.

Arrival by car

From the highway (Autobahn) you take the exit for the city center, called Darmstadt-Stadtmitte

Now you go straight until at the end of Rheinstraße you drive into a tunnel and you are thus on the City-Ring

At the palace (German: Schloß) you turn right into the street named Alexanderstraße, that the street right after the congress center Darmstadium, the streets before are called Wilhelminen-, Hügel-, Kirch-, Holz- and Landgraf-Georg-Straße.

Then, you turn left into Magdalenenstraße and now on the map with the university building numbers helps you.