Einleitung des Promotionsverfahrens

Initiating the doctoral examination procedure

To initiate the doctoral examination procedure, please send the documents listed below to the Department's Office. Your documents must be submitted to the no later than 12 a.m. the day prior to the meeting of the Doctoral Admissions Committee. Only complete applications can be considered.


Document Explanations and information
the electronic version
(PDF, max. size 10 MB)
5 identical hardcopies of the dissertation
(6 copies in case of 3 referents)

The dissertation has to have a hard binding
Do not use ring binding.
The thesis must include:

In addition to your dissertation

Document Explanations and information
Application form: Initiation of the doctoral examination procedure Save the form and fill it in with a PDF-program. Please note the following:
  • Please name the exact title of your dissertation
  • You have to suggest the referents and further examiners and a preferred date for your examination. Double-check their availability.
  • You have to follow the rules regarding experimental/ theoretical examiners and you coverage of least two institutes with your examiners.
  • In case you got any questions or any doubt, please get in touch to the Departments Office as early as possible.
Declaration regarding §8(1) General Doctoral Regulations Please print and sign the document.
With this declaration you certify that the electronic and print version are identical.
Diploma/ Master's certificate The original certificate has to be displayed
Receipt for doctoral fees €100 to be transferred to:
Technische Universität Darmstadt,
IBAN: DE36 5085 0150 0000 7043 00
BIC: HELADEF1DAS (Sparkasse Darmstadt)
Purpose: Promotion FB Physik

When to hand in your documents

All documents have to be handed in at the department's office at latest at 12 a.m. the day before the Doctoral Admissions Committee meeting.

Please suggest an appointment for your disputation

You have to suggest an appointment for your disputation. This appointment has to be discussed with all of your examiners beforehand by yourself (Suggestion). Please get in touch to the departments office as early as possible to doublecheck the preferred appointment. The Dean will finally fix the appointment for your disputation after receiving the written statements of your referents. Until this is done, the appointment is tentative (Fixing).
However, the disputation has to be appointed on a Monday or Wednesday during lecture times or in the first week after the lecture times. In well-founded situations it is possible to find an anomalous appointment. If this is the case, please get in touch to the Department's Office beforehand as soon as possible.

Disputations during the Pandemic Situation

At present, disputations take place by video conference as default.

In case the general infection situation is suitable, disputations can take place face-to-face within the winter semester 2021/22 under certain conditions:

  • examinee and ALL examiners are on site (no video streaming)
  • all participants (examinee + examination board incl. chair) expressly agree to a face-to-face examination
  • NO spectators or guests can be admitted and there is no videostream available to stream the disputation
  • all participants have to wear medical mask/FFP2-mask at all time

In case you are considering a face-to-face exam, please contact the dean's office as soon as possible.