Quick Guide to the Darmstadt Physics Program

Quick guide to the Darmstadt Physics Program

General Information

Fachschaft lecture catalogue

In advance to every term, the Fachschaft gathers information about all courses given in the coming semester. You can find a list on the web-site (without any warranty).

Teaching in Physics

In Physics most courses are lectures (Vorlesung). Once or twice a week, a professor gives a 90 minutes presentation on the course subject. You can ask questions, but generally lectures have the flavor of a talk.

To become acquainted with the subject matter, many lectures offer an Übung (Exercise) to the lecture. The students come together and work on problems (mostly under supervision of a more experienced student) that are handed to them. Group discussions are strongly encouraged!

Academic Freedom

In general you are allowed to attend any course you like. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Feel free to ask questions and delve into any topic.