Places to Study / Find Books

Places to Study/Find Books

There are numerous places to sit down and study:

Studienzentrum (books, tables, internet)

The Studienzentrum (collection of study books) offers a place to sit down and study, the necessary books at hand. Those books are mostly in German, yet some English literature can be found. The Studienzentrum is located at the basement of building S2|06.

You can also find helpful material for Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum (see above) here. To every lab course there is a small file of papers/book chapters/charts which will endow you with necessary knowledge to complete the course.

Lernzentrum Physik

At the basement of building S2|04 our Lernzentrum may be found. Basically it is not more than a room with tables, chairs and blackboards to sit down, discuss, work on assignments and so on.

Universitätsbibliothek (books to borrow)

You might want to read a book from time to time but don't want to buy it. Our ULB (University Library) offers all kinds of books to borrow. For standard Bachelor courses you can find all literature in Lehrbuchsammlung (teaching books) from where you can borrow books for four weeks. If you don't return them on time, you are asked to pay a 3 Euro penalty. So please return the books, in most cases you can check them out again right away.