Lab Courses

Lab Courses

In Darmstadt, we offer (and are required to complete) a lot of laboratory courses.

Grundpraktikum (Basic Lab Courses)

As the name suggests, those are carried out during the first three semesters of our program. Most probably this is not what you are looking for, but never the less you can find information on the web-sites of Grundpraktikum.

The responsible person is Dr. Thomas Blochowicz.

Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum (Advanced Lab Courses)

These labs require independent work to a greater extent and usually are done during the 3rd year of the program. The experiments are divided into three sections A, B and C and offer different subjects. The experiments are carried out together with a partner. A written report of 10 to 15 pages is required, will be proof-read by the tutor and accepted after you implement the suggested corrections.

Further information is available on the web pages. The organization is done using a dedicated web page where you can sign up for labs and check availability. You need to approach Prof. Feile to put your personal information into the system.

How to find a partner

The Fachschaft offers an emailing system to broadcast messages to all physics students. This is used to find partners for the lab courses, but also to receive information about what is going on in the department. Please approach the Fachschaft to get your address placed on the emailing list.

Miniforschung (Mini-Research) and Thesis

In Darmstadt you can do your own little research project in the Physics Department. This usually includes working in a professor's group for some weeks either part time during lectures or full time during breaks. You probably will work with a PhD or Master student, participate in group meetings and summarize your progress in a written report.

As there are no strict regulations about this, you have great liberty to pick a subject. Feel free to browse through the professors' web-sites and talk to them about this. Most probably they will be happy to offer you some little project.

If you find a group/topic where you would like to write a thesis, please feel free to ask the professor for advice. If your home university allows you to write an external thesis, our department will be glad to support you.