Bachelor Program

Bachelor Program

The colors code the following:

blue – experimental physics

yellow – theoretical physics

pink – mathematics

green – computational physics

Experimental Physics

The experimentalist's view on Physics is presented in four lectures Physik I-IV. Physik I covers Mechanics and an introduction to Thermodynamics. Physik II is about Waves and Electricity. In Physik III the main topics are Optics and Electromagnetic Waves. Physik IV concentrates on Atomic Physics.

In the first four semesters there is Grundpraktikum and later Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum which both are lab courses. For further explanation see below.

Theoretical Physics

Starting with a mathematical introduction and setting the basics in the first year, Theoretische Physik I-IV equips you with concepts and techniques that are used in Classical Mechanics/Relativistics, Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory and Statistical Physics.


These lectures probably will not be very interesting for you as you will be past your first two academic years before arriving at Darmstadt. However, if you would like to learn something about mathematics, feel free to join.

N.B.: There is an English program in mathematics which allows attending lectures in English!

Computational Physics

This course deals with the use of computers to tackle physics problems. Towards the end, students are working on a final project. Many of the topics covered can be put to use in later work and studies.