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FAQs on doctoral examination procedure

At this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions relating to taking a doctoral degree in Physics at TU Darmdtadt

Admission to a doctoral degree

According to §7(6) of the General Doctoral Regulations, the Doctoral Admissions Committee can attach conditions to accepting graduates which must usually be fulfilled within two years. These conditions are designed to ensure that the candidate is able to conduct academic work and may involve, in particular, proof of successfully participating in taught courses and passing certain examinations.

Conditions may especially be imposed if a degree has been taken in a different subject, at a university abroad or at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule). The nature of those conditions as well as their extent, depend on each individual case. For further information and to ask questions, please feel free to contact the Department's Office.

You will be informed about the status of your application in writing approximately one weeks after the relevant Doctoral Admissions Committee has considered it.

Registering for admission to a doctoral degree is not obligatory. It is possible to acquire the qualification without being registered. On this point, please take note of all the necessary information to be found on TU Darmstadt’s main site.

Initiating the doctoral examination procedure

Please submit your thesis, including all the additional documents required, to the Department's Office no later than 12 a.m. the day prior to the meeting of the Doctoral Admissions Committee. Only complete applications can be considered.

The examination board consists of at least five professors. You have to suggest the two referents plus two additional examiners. The chairmen will be nominated by the doctoral admission board.
Pleas keep in mind, that at least one examiner or referent has to be experimental and one has to be theoretical physicist (experiment-theory-rule) AND not all four persons have to be part of the same institute (institute-rule).

Your disputation will be scheduled by the doctoral admission board in coordination with the Department's Office.
Once you initialize the doctoral examination process, you are asked to suggest a date for your disputation, which has been agreed by all of your examiners as well as the Department's Office.

Completing the doctoral examination procedure

According to TU Darmstadt’s General Doctoral Regulations, you are only permitted to carry the title of doctor once you have received your doctoral certificate.

In case you need a confirmation that you have passed your doctorate, please get in touch to the Department's Office. It is possible to issue a confirmation in short time.

It has to be clarified that the final version of your dissertation, which has to be accepted by your supervisor, is exactly the same PDF you have uploaded to TUprints. Therefore you have to fill in exactly the same name of the uploaded file to the column Versionsangabe in the form, e.g. Dissertation_[Name]_v2.pdf.

When you have successfully completed your disputation, the certificate will be commissioned. The Department's Office will send you an electronic draft of your certificate and ask you to verify it. Thereafter it will then be printed. Once the certificate has been printed and signed by the President and the Dean – and you have already published you dissertation – you will be notified so that it can be collected.

No, your doctoral certificate will be issued in German only.

If you are not able to collect your doctoral certificate yourself, you can authorise another person to collect it for you. Please provide the Department's Office with written authorisation in advance.