Completing the doctoral examination procedure

After passing the disputation the accepted dissertation has to be published to the public within one year due to the General Doctoral Regulations of the TU Darmstadt. Therefore you got two options: Electronic publishing via TUprints (default) or via commercially publishing.

Procedure using TUprints:

Please find all useful informations at the webpages of the Dezernat II.

  • Finalize the electronic version of the accepted dissertation.
  • Send the final electronic version of your accepted dissertation to your supervisor.
  • Fill in the form: declaration regarding transfer rights.
    • To certify the final version, please note the exact name of the file in the column File name of the electronic version, e.g. Dissertation_[Name]_v2.pdf
    • For the transfer of rights please note the used rights from your dissertation.
    • Sign the document.
    • Ask your supervisor to sign the document as well.
      The signature of your supervisor is the final approval of your dissertation.
  • Hand in the form: declaration regarding transfer rights to the Department's Office.
  • Upload the same electronic version of your accepted dissertation to TUprints. The ULB will perform a checkup of your document and the exact name of the PDF. Afterwards you will get any responce.
  • Hand in two hardcopies (hard binding) of your accepted dissertation to the Department's Office.
    We recommend not to print the hardcopies before you got notice form TUprints regarding the publishing of your thesis.

Once the Department's Office got all need receipts and responses we will send you an e-mail to pick up your Ph.D. certificate.

Commercially publishing:

Please keep in mind that according to the General Doctoral Regulations, you are only permitted to carry the doctoral degree once you have received your doctoral certificate.